Hays County Child Protective Board

Promoting a safe environment for all children!

Our Mission

Our mission is to link the citizens of Hays County, the Hays County Commissioner's Court, and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to enhance services to children and families. We address this mission by:

  • Informing citizens and the Hays County Commissioners Court about the rights and special needs of abused and neglected children

  • Advocating for, preparing, monitoring, and administering the budget allotted to us by the Court

  • Soliciting, monitoring, and administering monies from donations and grants.

  • Educating the public and the Court about child and family services in Hays County

  • Interpreting the role of the Child Protective Services (CPS) staff to citizens and the Court

  • Relating citizen concerns to Child Protective Services staff

  • Influencing legislation and policy related to Child Protective Services through networking and advocacy

In addition to providing resources directly to CPS children and their biological, foster, and adoptive families, the board serves them by

  • Actively seeking donations and requesting funding from the County Commissioners Court annually

  • Managing the funds received through donations, grants, and funds allotted by the County Commissioners Court

  • Monitoring, responding to, and advocating for or against specific legislative initiatives related to abused and neglected children

  • Networking with other entities—churches, civic organizations, charities, schools—and individuals to develop creative solutions to challenging problems faced by the children and their biological, foster and adoptive families

  • Funding training opportunities and providing recognition events for CPS staff to support their work to provide high-quality services to clients

  • Providing funds for educational materials for motivated parents to help them fulfill case plans to make their homes child-safe environments.