Hays County Child Protective Board

Promoting a safe environment for all children!

Board Members

The Hays County Child Protective Board consists of volunteer members who work tirelessly to link the citizens of Hays County, the Commissioner's Court, and Child Protective Services. Keeping this network active allows enhanced services to children and families and ensures the continued welfare of all children. The board members are selected from across Hays County and are appointed by the Hays County Commissioner's Court.


  • Lee Ikels, Chair

  • Samantha Tuzo, Vice Chair

  • Karen Housewright, Secretary

  • Mary Cauble, Treasurer


  • Karen Brown

  • June Hankins

  • Erica Gallardo

  • Esperanza Orosco

  • Jodi Steen

  • Dixie Camp

  • Ashley Martinez

  • Betty Brittain

  • Clem Cantu

  • Alexandra Mylius

  • Moneta Rios

Several board members have served since the creation of the Board and others have served for a decade or more!